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Jeff Gordon Last Ride 2018 (Fic)
XxThatGtaGuyxX - 6/13/2018 - 4,131.5 kb - 256 User Downloads  
Posted By: XxThatGtaGuyxX  
Jeff Gordon's Last Ride on a 2018 camaro.....one is the playoff version and one is the normal....CREDITS: Base/Logos/Design Splash N' Go.....Other Logos: Google....Numbers: BER.....Render: The Mod Squad.....Banner: Me
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: RACERXKID  
Okay take your time Rob
Posted By: XxThatGtaGuyxX  
ok ill probably take a hit on that one when i finish what im currently working on
Posted By: RACERXKID  
I know that but I’m talking about this one as well. https://www.motorsportimages.com/photo/1015088870- martinsville/1015088870/? race_type_id=119&with_count=1&location_id=188&team _id=81&is_popup=1
Posted By: XxThatGtaGuyxX  
Actually, there's one already made at http://nnracing.com/filelibrary.asp? fileid=80484 just without the amazon logos....i could use it and just add the amazon logos but i dont think i could upload it because its not my work...i could give the original painter full credit but im not sure if ill get permission
Posted By: XxThatGtaGuyxX  
@RACERXKID sure, i might take a tackle at it...may be seen in the future
Posted By: RACERXKID  
Nice! Any chance you do Gray Gaulding’s Earthwater/Amazon car he drove in a couple of races this year? If not that’s ok. Love the cars by the way! Rob
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