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2018 MENCS - 6 - Bayne - Daytona
speedball27 - 5/20/2018 - 1,078.5 kb - 563 User Downloads  
Posted By: speedball27  
This is Trevor's car from Daytona. Credits: SNG/BER - Mod & Template, Alan Harkleroad - Contigs, Google - Logos, BER - Numbers, Base & Paints - Me, TMS - Render
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Posted By: sbillman18  
Also if you want a scheme that was run by a big driver, than Larsons McDonald's car is a option as it was done but had a bunch of mistakes that were never fixed, also these aren't requests, Im just giving you options to paint, because you are definitely a good painter and you could probably make cars that most can't
Posted By: sbillman18  
That's the website I was referring to kinda figured you knew about but I figured I mention, but also there are still cars from big teams you could I.E. newmans Childress vineyards, or even bowyers Mobil 1/rush car, or all of the variants that stenhouse drove at the start of the year, and like you said a lot of paint schemes were taken but a lot of underdog teams that no one does cars and while yes they are field fillers, they are still important
Posted By: speedball27  
sbillman18 thanks for the heads up. I actually use NR2k3weebly site and browse most of the others as not to duplicate someone's work. There are so many great painters kicking out cars weekly, I just try to catch missed ones and lesser teams. Still a great game after 15 years! Been painting cars that long too!
Posted By: sbillman18  
Also great work ive been dying for someone to make this car
Posted By: sbillman18  
speedball, if your not sure what cars have been painted or which ones havent, theres a website that has results to every race and has it labeled whether or not it was made
Posted By: speedball27  
Good to be back. Not many cars to paint, most are already painted. But I noticed some are missing rear window names, winners stickers, or Fords are painted for ST and not SS (logo and grill in wrong place). I'm trying to do cleanup on missing cars. Maybe the 15 Chastain car next . . .
Posted By: Jakub Smetana  
Glad to see you back! What will be next? :)
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