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MENCS18 Fictional #54 Little Caesers Toyota
KBMfan54 - 5/10/2018 - 1,197.3 kb - 462 User Downloads  
Posted By: KBMfan54  
Credits: Mod/Template - Splash 'N' Go, Base - RAH, Logos - Sage from Racin Grafix, Bitbreaker from NNRacing, and Google, Number - Sage from Racin Grafix, Render - Mod Squad, Program - Jasc Paint Shop Pro, The rest - Me
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: KBMfan54  
@NASCARLOVER427 thank you so much! After seeing the car on track I’d agree I made the numbers a tad too small. I would go back and re-do it but I would have to restart from scratch. Now I know for next time not to make them smaller than I did in the program lol.
Posted By: NASCARLOVER427  
Oh my god, that's beautiful. The only real problem I have with it is that the number is a bit too small for my liking, but great job!
Posted By: KBMfan54  
@ongias25 thank you! Wasn't sure I was going to like it when I was in the act of painting it but I think it turned out pretty good!
Posted By: ongias25  
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