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2018 Taco Bell Chevy MENCS 2018
MynameisKeegan - 4/15/2018 - 3,184.7 kb - 354 User Downloads  
Posted By: MynameisKeegan  
4th car I've made so hopefully I'm improving.. Taco Bell Chevy with the 2018 logo and colors for the MENCS18 mod. Not sure how to remove the red line on the front bumper, but I'll look to change and reupload if I can Mod: Splash N Go, Render: ModSquad, Base: StunodRacing, Numbers: BigEvil, Logos: Google
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: speedball27  
Nice car! Great strides Keegan. Keep on painting!
Posted By: MynameisKeegan  
Thank you! I appreciate the feedback and compliments!
Posted By: XuticX  
Wow only after 4 cars, you've made significant improvements. Especially in the scaling and position fields. Your number fits well on the car and none of the logos are skewed out of proportion. Plus to add on to it, the scheme itself is really nice too! Fits well with the taco bell style. Keep up the great work!
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