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2018 MENCS Carset #3
JacobTB_14 - 3/25/2018 - 0.3 kb - 1905 User Downloads  
Posted By: JacobTB_14  
Here's 37 cars I've done for the 2018 season on the MENCup2018 Mod! Credits: Templates: Splash N' Go Graphics Bases: Me and SDG Contigs: Splash N' Go Graphics Decals and Logos: Me and some google Numbers: Big Evil Racing and SDG Render: Me
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Posted By: dooper  
Great set. Lot of attention to details. I also like that you use vivid colors that are not excessively shaded by shading layers. BTW. 2018_JJ_48_CAL.cup.car says 'BYRON' on rear window nameplate.
Posted By: JacobTB_14  
I’m working on the #6 next. The other ones are extremely difficult for me but I’m trying.
Posted By: johnwilliams12  
AMAZING AS USUAL!!! In you next carset, can you finish off the Daytona set by doing the #3, #6, #17, and #18 from Daytona? Thanks
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