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Jamie McMurray First Data Martinsville 1 MENCS18
Nascar_Turn4 - 3/24/2018 - 6,022.3 kb - 1640 User Downloads  
Posted By: Nascar_Turn4  
Here's Jamie Mac's car he's running this weekend at Martinsville. I made the circuits on the side by hand with the pen tool. Haha, it's not 100% by any means, but I like to think I got it close. **CREDITS** Splash N Go Template, BER Numbers, Google Logos/Hood Circuit, Base by Me, Mod Squad Render. Comes with Simple Crew and TGA file. Cheers!
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Posted By: Nascar_Turn4  
You're right. Probably next week when I find a little free time I'll upload the 42. Cheers
Posted By: JacobTB_14  
You could probably do Larson’s car from Atlanta I think. They look extremely similar if not exactly the same.
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