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2018 #18 Kyle Busch Interstate Batteries
DreamyZack - 3/22/2018 - 1,098.7 kb - 968 User Downloads  
Posted By: DreamyZack  
One of my first cars so it's still rough, learned a lot of things though. Hope everyone enjoys it. Base: Me // Template: SplashNGo // Numbers: BigEvilRacing // Logos: Google images (Also I'm having trouble uploading a screenshot, so apologies.)
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: tenderman65  
Indeed he didn't. All he had was the Toyota logo and the JGR logo on the bottom.
Posted By: JacobTB_14  
He didn't have any b-pillar sponsors if I remember correctly
Posted By: Luigitime27  
Other than the missing sponsors on the B- pillar (behind the window), a pretty nice scheme
Posted By: DreamyZack  
Oops, render is from TheModSquad. Thank you though I'll defintely work to improve the small details.
Posted By: JacobTB_14  
Very nice render by the way. Did you do it yourself or, if not, who did it?
Posted By: JacobTB_14  
Looks awesome for one of your first cars. Just a few things you can work on. Lining up the front stripes a little better, and don’t forget to update your contigs as well.
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