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2001 BGN Missing Cars--Darlington/Bristol
Strawberry - 3/13/2018 - 9,036.7 kb - 305 User Downloads  
Posted By: Strawberry  
This contains some missing cars from the 4WD set: #6 Stevie Hodgson (Bristol), #33 Tony Raines Aleve (Bristol and others), #49 A.J. Frank (Darlington), #49 Jerry McCart (Bristol), #55 Mark Green (Bristol and others), #70 Ron Young (Darlington), #71 Ron Young (Bristol), and #77 Kelly Denton GC Toys (Bristol). Both #49s and the #77 are like 40-50% accurate as major sponsor logos were not found as they were on the cars. Minor details such as contigs and associate sponsors are also probably not accurate (maybe aside from the 33 and 55 cars, as those were the only ones I found good shots of).
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Posted By: mtblillie29  
The complete set is on SRD
Posted By: Strawberry  
nr2k3.weebly.com has it I believe. Though there are a couple sets lying around, one has their complete set and one has a bit less. Their complete set is unfinished however.
I actually cant find the 4wd carset anywhere (dead site issues) where did you find it?
Posted By: Strawberry  
Turns out the #33 scheme is wrong. I'll upload the fixed one in the Texas version (since the Bristol and Texas schemes are the same).
Posted By: MariosMinions  
Nice job! Keep it up!
Posted By: ongias25  
Thank You!
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