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#7 GoDaddy #24 Liberty & Axalta 2018 Pitcrews
SZip - 3/12/2018 - 7,216.3 kb - 582 User Downloads  
Posted By: SteveZ  
#7 Danica Patrick GoDaddy, #24 William Byron Liberty University & Axalta 2018 pitcrews. They are painted for the ss.net pitcrew update. I have been told that they will work with the smiffsden warwagon and the original pit box. They just won't show the top portion of the box. Credits: Big Evil #'s (credit for the modified template is on the mask)
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: SteveZ  
@sabres123fan it still works for me. I just re-downloaded the .exe and ran it. Something is wrong on your end
Posted By: sabres123fan  
For what it's worth, the .exe gives an error message whenever I try to run it. Says it cannot start the setup.
Posted By: SteveZ  
To get the ss.net pit box download here: http://www.simracingdesign.com/threads/s s-net-pitbox.46596
Posted By: KKR9  
Great job
Posted By: DaleJrfan62  
Pretty cool. Where can I get the ss.net pit crew update?
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