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2018 MENCS Fictional Carset (Part 1)
FR1999 - 3/10/2018 - 0.3 kb - 465 User Downloads  
Posted By: FR1999  
2018 Fictional Carset that will be worked on throughout the year. This carset includes 15 cars. (CREDITS): BER (Numbers and Logos) Splash n' Go (Mod and Templates)
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Posted By: melloman  
I made a number of attempts to download the Fictional Car set, but it wouldn't work. With so many numbers and letters in the download it just wouldn't upload. Can't you find another way to make the download easier??? There's got to be a better way of doing the download. Thanks, melloman
Posted By: thunderbolt27  
Dunno. Tried 4 or 5 times with no luck. Tried again just now and got it. Thanks for this
Posted By: FR1999  
what's wrong? works fine for me
Posted By: thunderbolt27  
media fire link does not seem to be correct
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