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1995 Kenny Wallace Thunderbird 1998 Mod
CC#48 - 2/18/2018 - 879.2 kb - 1118 User Downloads  
Posted By: CC#48  
Template and Mod Splash N Go Graphics.... Numbers, Logos and Contingencies from my collection...Enjoy
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User Comments:
Posted By: racingformusic  
that would be awesome if we can get some painters in there to do the 1996, 1997, and 1999 Cup Sets for this mod :)
Posted By: CC#48  
Never thought about it. Not sure, my car painting now are more a winter hobby. Thanks for asking though.
Posted By: johnwilliams12  
Are you planning on doing the '96 500 any time soon because I've been looking for that set for years?
Posted By: johnwilliams12  
Great work!
Posted By: CC#48  
Posted By: tenderman65  
Excellent work as always, Chris!
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