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2018 Austin Dillon #3 Bass Pro Shops Cabela's (NXS17)
UserofNames - 2/16/2018 - 1,123.0 kb - 474 User Downloads  
Posted By: UserofNames  
Austin Dillon's Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's car he will run in the Xfinity Series in 2018. Some logo's aren't exact as I couldn't identify some of them. Credits: Template/Mod from SRD, Numbers from BER, Logos from Google Images, Render from TheModSquad.
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Posted By: Nascar2478  
Posted By: Nascar2478  
no i mean the cup drivers banners say xfinity its like a inverted verion of the one that xfinity drivers use ill send u image link
Posted By: SimRacer48  
No the banner is correct they were updated
Posted By: Nascar2478  
nice work for cup drivers in xfinity races their front banners dont have their names it just says xfinity
Posted By: Julio Cesar #10  
nice Xfinity paints excelent job
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