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2018 #9 Chase Elliot updated daytona Scheme
Nascar2478 - 2/14/2018 - 1,002.9 kb - 414 User Downloads  
Posted By: Nascar2478  
HMS has removed some blue since the reveal so here is the updated Daytona 500 car credit to to google for the sponsors and BER for the 9 and SNG for the template and the render
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: Nascar2478  
if no one upadtes it soon then i will thanks for pointing that out im kinda busey with school work now but like i said ill see
Posted By: alfiejay  
Great Job but not to be picky, but look at the photo and just take out some more blue and re-position the stripes on front and the number 9 does not touch the stripe on side , if you update and get closer to that your spot on, if not you did a great job the way it is and appreciate your work. https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-cup/photo/main-gallery/chase-elliott-hendrick-motorsports-chevrolet-camaro-15846647/?sz=9&r=190353&e=645176&s=5&oft=182&id=15846647&i=178
Posted By: Nascar2478  
sorry bout the shark fin in the render i couldnt seem to fix it but its not like that on the car in game
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