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*** 2018 Splash Screen *Final***
Thrasher124 - 2/14/2018 - 1,967.8 kb - 331 User Downloads  
Posted By: Thrasher124  
Please view the _ReadMe_ for instructions on how to install, Thnx. Credits: Bing, AD Racing (Mystical for NASCAR logo), "Racing" and "checkard flag backround" are part of a NR2003 Layered Logo Template I found, Original owner is -unknown- If any1 finds the original teplate let me know so I can update the credits. Thanks. The numbers was done by me, from 1001fonts.com.
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Posted By: the1andonlyIKY  
What is the "Splash Screen"?
Posted By: Thrasher124  
***UPDATE*** Reuploaded n fixed. Lmk if this reoccurs. Also, pic wont load. Idk why. Preview in the file. Thnx
Posted By: DGRLYT  
error when trying to download
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