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1998 mod Mark Krogh 80 Clearwater Chevy BGN 98
Robo - 2/13/2018 - 1,848.0 kb - 3587 User Downloads  
Posted By: Robo  
Next up is Mark Krogh. Base by me, logos from google and me. Number by me. Contingencies from Splash n Go template and google, Render scene and template from Splash n Go also. Crew included. Splash n Go is using all of these 98 BGN cars in their 98 Busch Series mod, be sure and check it out. I think it is being released Friday. I will probably not get these cars finished before then. Been busy and was also sick last week, which slowed this down a little bit. Will finish them though.
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User Comments:
Posted By: Robo  
Thanks guys! I feel much better now. I will post the rest of them for both cup and gns. I will probably zip them together.
Posted By: CC#48  
I would love to see them do the 1995 Craftsman truck series mod
Posted By: radney  
As of now, Splash N Go has released the Busch Series with the gns physics. So what happens with your future releases? Are they going to be cup or gns?
Posted By: ongias25  
Take care of Yourself Robby and take as long as You need. Prayers that You get well soon.
Posted By: tenderman65  
Nice work! Don't worry about getting these done by any certain time. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well though. I managed to come across a better reference image of Jimmie Johnson's Curb Chevy: https://i.imgur.com/WjftLN0.jpg
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