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2018 MENCS Alternate Universe Set
burtonbraves - 2/12/2018 - 0.6 kb - 586 User Downloads  
Posted By: burtonbraves  
Hello! Tonight I'll be releasing my newest set. This is the MENCS Alternate Universe Set. Credits for this set go to the usual suspects, Splash N' Go/Cosmin for the mod and templates. BER, SRD, Masgrafx, Google, Alan H., Nick Baker, and more for various resources. This set includes 51 total car files, and over 150 TGAs including extra paint schemes. I hope you all enjoy this as it's been fun to make. Download includes a text file with a link to the set.
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User Comments:
Posted By: mikey199  
thank you so much for releasing this! great work!
Posted By: XuticX  
i'll be checking these out! love your schemes!
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