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1 McDonald Cessna MENCup 2018
Dyers85 - 2/12/2018 - 1,359.5 kb - 697 User Downloads  
Posted By: Dyers85  
Base Me.. Logos Google SRD.. Number BER... Temp Splash n Go
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Posted By: SimRacer48  
Thanks for working on the #95! By the way no one's made McDowell's 34 love's speedco car yet
Posted By: Dyers85  
I'm not sure if I can do the 32. My talents only go so far. But the 12 and 21 want take to long as already paint the base far them. I'm work on the 95 clash car
Posted By: 11rowsof3  
Thanks again Dyers! The #66 came with the MENCS 2018 Mod. With a little Photoshop editing, we have basically the correct #6, #12 and #17. I am missing the #32 Hurricane Heist, #51 (Dyers I think is working on), #21 Omnicraft and #34 Love's. :)
Posted By: alfiejay  
Ok Thanks, again thanks and appreciate your work, again sorry I missed the 14 somehow
Posted By: Dyers85  
17 Car I wont make. I havent made the 12 or the 21. Ive not looked for the hood logo for the 6. Ive made both 14 cars that look a like one with Truck center on the QP and the other with Mobil 1
Posted By: alfiejay  
thought the photos would be better. Like I said I fi missed these, my bad, hope these help . Appreciate your work and what you do.
Posted By: alfiejay  
17 Car with3M on hood and lenox on decklid https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-cup/photo/main-gallery/ricky-stenhouse-jr-roush-fenway-racing-ford-fusion-brad-keselowski-team-penske-ford-fus-15850327/?sz=9&s=-6&oft=143&id=15850327&i=139
Posted By: alfiejay  
12 Car Peak https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-cup/photo/main-gallery/ryan-blaney-team-penske-menards-peak-ford-fusion-15846806/?sz=9&s=-6&oft=596&id=15846806&i=569
Posted By: alfiejay  
6 Car with 25th Hood Logo https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-cup/photo/main-gallery/trevor-bayne-roush-fenway-racing-advocare-ford-fusion-15846804/?sz=9&s=-6&oft=596&id=15846804&i=571
Posted By: alfiejay  
24 Car Side, hope this explains it better https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-cup/photo/main-gallery/william-byron-hendrick-motorsports-axalta-chevrolet-camaro-15846816/?sz=9&s=-6&oft=596&id=15846816&i=559
Posted By: alfiejay  
from what I saw m they changed the back and its solid day glo in color and took the lower blue flames off, and looked liked on the side changed them jyust a little? if I missed your update, sorry,
Posted By: alfiejay  
NOt found the 6 with 25th hood logo, 12, peak, 32 car, 17 with 3M hood logo, 21 omicraft,14 with mobil 1 1/4 panel, if I missed these my bad?
Posted By: Dyers85  
I made the flames. What do you mean by the rest of the cars?
Posted By: alfiejay  
Where did you find the Correct 24 car " Corrected Flames?, also the correct 6 ,12, 17, 21, 32, 14, cars, thanks
Posted By: bobd18  
thanks man. the only 2 from the 500 that I don't have are the 66 and 51. have you seen those anywhere yet?
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