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FICTIONAL, My 2015 Paint Scheme on a 1996 Template
Yakkaina Jaga - 2/10/2018 - 308.9 kb - 65 User Downloads  
Posted By: Yakkaina Jaga  
Template: Teamsbr.com Paint Kit: GIMP
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User Comments:
Posted By: Yakkaina Jaga  
@England24 are you talking about jr? if yes then I am just working on a different project and how to put my gimp cars into an actual file to race with in NR2002
Posted By: England24  
Are you planning on doing the 2008 National Guard Car?
Posted By: 38Cassill38  
You tried. Not very hard, but you still tried.
Posted By: Nascar_Games  
Last time I checked nr2003 did not use .xcf files
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