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3 AAA Austin Dillon 2018 MENCup2017
EllyProductions - 1/20/2018 - 4,482.5 kb - 443 User Downloads  
Posted By: EllyProductions  
Mod/Contengencies: Splash N' Go Graphics Template: BER Render: The Mod Squad Logos/Numbers: Google Images Pit Crew: Pantallica (Stunod Racing) (Hope you enjoy, sorry about a few of the minor detailing errors, this car was a fun one to make!)
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Posted By: SimRacer48  
Hey can you transfer this over to the new MENCUP2018 mod please? No one has made this car yet for that mod.
Posted By: nbaker9-91  
The side numbers need to be angled to match the body slope that comes natural with the models. I'd match it up with the side skirts for the angle. Other than those issues, it looks great!
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