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1995 Randy Lajoie Pontiac 1998 Mod
CC#48 - 1/16/2018 - 908.1 kb - 898 User Downloads  
Posted By: CC#48  
Template and Mod Splash N Go Graphics.... Numbers, Logos and Contingencies from my collection... Enjoy
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User Comments:
Posted By: PShafer3327  
No you misunderstood me, lol I was meaning like they did two fords, there would be a version of the mod with two pontiac's ;) Very similar to when DMR made the Nationwide mod with the Camaro & the Impala. Once again, awesome job on the cars Chris!
Posted By: tenderman65  
I agree with Chris. The Taurus body is too curvy to resemble the Grand Prix and the Thunderbird body's nose isn't flat which would cause awkward warping of the headlight outlines.
Posted By: CC#48  
Thanks, the Chevy model works the best.
Posted By: PShafer3327  
Great Job! Love seeing all these schemes, and I am pleasantly surprised how the 95 Pontiac looks on the Chevy. I was really hoping they were going to do like a version with the pontiac like they did the t-bird and taurus. Fingers still crossed! Keep 'em coming!
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