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Thrasher124 - 1/11/2018 - 272.7 kb - 407 User Downloads  
Posted By: Thrasher124  
Just move direct to NR2003 folder. Bing, google, Paint.net, multiple font sites. IDR where I got the NR logo from. If any1 knows owner LMK thnx.
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Posted By: Thrasher124  
***UPDATE*** Uploaded an updated/final version. thnx Everything was left over from last yr. Just vhanged color and year. Will look into a 'moderized' update after cup series cconfirms Monster Energy resign
Posted By: Matt Yeager  
Why did you not update the Xfinity Series logo ?
Posted By: DGRLYT  
Gonna try it out when I get home, if it works; should be fun
Posted By: EarnhardtCountry  
You should update the NASCAR logo to the new one.
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