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1998 mod 28 Casey Atwood Chevrolet BGN 98
Robo - 1/9/2018 - 1,524.3 kb - 330 User Downloads  
Posted By: Robo  
Next up is Casey Atwood. He drove this car several times with a best of 2nd place. Drove a Brewco car a few times as well. Logos from me, mac tools and bowman logo from google, Number by me, Contingencies from Splash n Go template and google, Render and template from Splash n Go also. Crew included.
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User Comments:
Posted By: Robo  
Thanks! I might eventually do a 99 set after this one.
Posted By: racingformusic  
awesome; Casey was my 1st favorite in Busch / Nationwide / Xfinity favorite back in that time. Makes me look forward to when and if somebody does a 1999 BGN set for this mod
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