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2017 - 95 - Michael McDowell - Kansas I
speedball27 - 1/8/2018 - 1,202.8 kb - 325 User Downloads  
Posted By: speedball27  
Here is McDowell's TWD car from the spring Kansas race. Credits: BR15gen6 mod-Bullring, Logos-Google & Me, Contigs-Alan Harkleroad, Template-BER, Numbers-BER, Colors & Stripes-Me, Render-TheModSquad
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Posted By: speedball27  
I hear ya Oreius, but I have been committed to cup series since I bought the program in 2003. Ya. . . 14 years of painting. So many sites have come and gone. If only I could paint and run a website full time. . . :-(
Posted By: Oreius  
We get a checklist for cup but none for Xfinity or Trucks? Where's the love? :(
Posted By: speedball27  
Bama09 do you manage the weebly site? I use it for my go to list. Great site. And I’m dragging my feet on 2018’s. Just want to see what templates people prefer. So I’ll do a few more 2017’s. :-)
Posted By: Jakub Smetana  
Thanks!! :)
Posted By: BAMA09  
Great Car as always. Glad you keep on providing us with the rest of the paint schemes for 2017. I check these off at http://nr2k3.weebly.com/2017-cup-br15.html Again Thanks so much
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