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NR2002 My Final Race Car (fic. #95)
j24davis - 1/6/2018 - 81.3 kb - 805 User Downloads  
Posted By: j24davis  
This is the car I drove in what was likely my last race in NR2002, at Homestead 2017. I am not exactly 'retiring' from the community - I plan to stick around for another year in PAW at least - but I won't be painting any more cars for the game. I am ending my NR2002 career after 7 seasons, 2 titles, 48 wins, 41 poles, and 6 Chase appearances (I finished 17th my rookie year). Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this community! ~ John Davis / j24davis (a life long Jeff Gordon fan)
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Posted By: gpintacu  
jd you're killing me. No more paintjobs! I surely hope you change your mind sometime in the future. I know it's a major project to do a paint job. I don't think I can research, get the right software and be any good at it. You're a treasure. Thanks gpintacu
Posted By: j24davis  
Credits: RCI & Google Images for logos.
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