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(Fixed) Alex Bowman 2018 Axalta
Nascar_Games - 12/10/2017 - 900.6 kb - 321 User Downloads  
Posted By: Nascar_Games  
Credits: Rah for base/logos, Google for other logos rob for template, and sketchfab for the car viewer. (and my windows computer IS BROKE, go look at my other downloads for proof that I indeed can use car viewer)
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: Nascar_Games  
@Hendrick the fact that your some kid with no life playing on ROBLOX all day and your so uneducated that you can’t spell “mesh” right. If anyone is a jackass it’s you just being a hypocrite instead of trying to help your family.
Posted By: DaleRocks153  
dude stop trying to fight back, you're gonna get banned by the site moderators
Posted By: ZeroX  
My cars are better than your supposing "work" and I have only painted one car!
Posted By: wizardhook188  
OML this guy stinks!
Posted By: HendrickFan2018  
Dude, just ignore him not give him any advice. He's just some little jack ass sitting on the computer not taking advice and making stupid dull excuses.
Posted By: Rob478  
And I also want to ask, if your computer is supposedly "broken", then how did u paint this? That excuse just doesn't add up
Posted By: Rob478  
At least I put a little effort into mine. Maybe u should start accepting peoples advice instead of being a jackass to them. Us people are trying to help with telling you what needs to be fixed, and u get triggered by that. The camaro logos on the rear are missing, quarter panel logos are missing, and the hood logo is missing. To be honest with u people aren't saying crap to be rude they are just trying to help u get better. U want to see a good version that someone actually put time into, then look at mine in my uploads. That is what effort looks like.
Posted By: HendrickFan2018  
Oh look. A little kid being a dumb dull little brat. If you can never post on this site again that would be great.
Posted By: mikemiz06  
Keep your roblox shit away from here
Posted By: JMurrayMO81  
Here's the deal. If you want to release a paint scheme with no logos then don't make a carfile, release it as a base instead. But if you're going to take the time to make it into a carfile then you need to do it right by putting the logos on there and putting all of them. If it's meant to be the real deal like this was you can't go without missing ones, which it is. Other thing is you need to make sure that you're lining things up properly. Look at the Valvoline logo, for example, it's covered up by the window. Paying attention should tell you that you need to move it back so it's not. These are on you to correct and learn from so that next time you avoid the same problems. Sounds like you don't do that and you're blaming others for getting mad at you for not listening. Maybe instead of getting hateful with them how about trying to listen to them. You'd be surprised what you can do when you accept someone's help instead of acting like you don't need it all of the time.
Posted By: NascarMan32  
Have you ever considered actually putting effort into your work? Your computer being broken isn't even relevant in this post because this car is no better than the others you've made. Start putting effort into things other than your excuses and maybe we won't be as annoyed every time we see a post from you. Also, the hood logo isn't something you "only see 2% of the time," it's one of the very first things people look at on a car.
Posted By: 38Cassill38  
It's not a little associate, it's the hood logo! The main sponsor of the car! How can you forget that?
Posted By: Nascar_Games  
V wow, you guys are so stuck up because all your computers work. Mine broke, it is a part of life. Stop bitching about little things like me leaving a damn logo off of the car in the CARVIEWER picture that you would only be able to see about 2% of anyways, damn people get a life.
Posted By: 38Cassill38  
You kids like to be told what you want to hear. Any sort of criticism is "hating" now. What a joke.
Posted By: TruckSeries  
It's a mistake to leave the hood logo off? That's more like laziness, and its the reason your pic is from the rear. This is one big mess. Missing associates, incorrect contigs, same crap you've been told about before only to keep saying "I'm learning!"
Posted By: NascarMan32  
One of your mistakes was uploading this. Hopefully that's the one you learn from. How is missing the hood logo anything but plain stupidity? Stop using the same excuse for your terrible work and actually take the time to get good. Come back when you've done that instead of continuing to spam the uploads section with crap like this.
Posted By: Nascar_Games  
V Mistakes are ways to learn
Posted By: Rob478  
my versions came out better. there are way too many inaccuracies on this one
Posted By: Nascar_Games  
V lemme fix those things
Posted By: Rob478  
Posted By: MariosMinions  
Why no Axalta logo on the hood?
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