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2018 Tyler Reddick Armour
Rob478 - 12/7/2017 - 4,251.4 kb - 335 User Downloads  
Posted By: Rob478  
Render:TMS Base: @Jeremy Murray Numbers:BER Logos:Google Xfinity 2018 Series Logo:Google Signature Initials on post:Me B-Pillar:Me (Chili part of logo involved a LOT of editing, but plz enjoy the first car shown that Reddick will run in his 1st season for jrm! ;) )
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Posted By: Canadienhits  
I do see the base is a bit off at the C-pillar. It should go from the middle of the window and wraps around the bottom of the pillar. It also it quite a bit thinner there as well. I think the Burger logo could be a smidge larger. Good job tho.
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