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#95 Japan Airlines Truck (First Car)
ZeroX - 12/2/2017 - 4,018.4 kb - 191 User Downloads  
Posted By: ZeroX  
Template: Omega Racing Images:idejruff(JAP Burger King Logo) Wikipedia (Japan Airlines Logo) Number:BigEvilRacing. Decent i Must Say
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Posted By: ZeroX  
@xX32reedfanXx Yeah, im used to painting with COY (Car Of Yesterday) and I really didnt change it but thanks for letting me know!
Posted By: xX32reedfanXx  
Yet another comment on the roof number lol: It seems like you kept the aspect ratio on when you resized the number. Usually, the roof number on trucks is kinda stretched out.
Posted By: ZeroX  
Thanks for letting me know about the roof number! Ill have to make a future edit
Posted By: Andy22  
Like @Stormblast44 said, roof number is backwards. But other than that it's amazing!
Posted By: Stormblast44  
pretty good. roof number is backwards but other than that looks good to me, way better than my first
Posted By: ZeroX  
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