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2017 NXS Alternate Universe Set NXS17
burtonbraves - 9/11/2017 - 0.5 kb - 118 User Downloads  
Posted By: burtonbraves  
Hello again everyone! I'm here to release another one of my completed sets. This is the 2017 Nascar Xfinity Series In an Alternate Dimension Set, by DMP Designs (burtonbraves). All schemes done by DMP Designs. Please DO NOT redistribute any of the works found in this link without direct permission. Credits and huge thanks go out to; SRD, MattyO, Alan H., Smoke OR, BER, Nick Baker, Masgrafx, and Google. Thanks for looking and enjoy! Feedback welcomed! The download is a text file, with a Mediafire link to the download. This includes 43 fully rated cars.
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Posted By: burtonbraves  
I've heard from a couple people that they've been having the same issue, but not sure what to fix it. I uploaded it again here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/737y46e4si00w1f/NXS17AltUniv.rar but I'm not sure if it will fix it.
Posted By: Benzer  
when try to open get an error the archive is either in unknown format or damaged... using winrar
Posted By: Stormblast44  
I absolutely love this great work
Posted By: ongias25  
Thank You for these amazing car sets that You do and share!
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