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1999 ARCA Car Pack 5
LegoRacer41 - 9/9/2017 - 1,231.7 kb - 47 User Downloads  
Posted By: LegoRacer41  
Geeze, it's been a while folks. Just started to get back into painting after almost exactly a year since the last set. But alas, here's four more for ya. Included are the #21 of Tracy Leslie, #28 of C.W. Smith, #49 of Mike Dillard and the #66 of Shane Yoder. Credit to: MasGraphx, Deadpool, SimRacingDesign, DERacing, iam27paul. For use on the ARCA MasGraphx mod.
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Posted By: Jonny683  
I love these cars! Thank you for do more!
Posted By: ongias25  
Thank You for continuing on with this set. Great job on all the cars!
Posted By: Jeff24Dupont  
Yes! This is just what I needed to see after a long hard day, awesome stuff, man. Glad you're back.
Posted By: LegoRacer41  
Thanks very much~ I've got a Gerhart car for the next pack, and I'm hoping to get Bill Baird's car and Kevin Harvick's one as well before I'm done to complete the most historically important cars, then it's the unsponsored field-fillers to finish the set I think.
Posted By: tenderman65  
Good to see you're still going with this set! Awesome job!
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