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20-James Davison- Hollinger Motor Sport (Updated) (Road America)
Nascar2011 - 8/28/2017 - 1,094.7 kb - 1923 User Downloads  
Posted By: Nascar2011  
(Slight error in the render sorry. Download has been updated so car shows up in came as well as a few updates to the paint.) Credits- Me, SRD, BER, Google, Company websites, Alan Harkleroad, Motorsport.com/ Hi-res: http://i.pi.gy/kjbW.png
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Posted By: KBusch18n41  
Posted By: BAMA09  
Very Nice. I think he would have won the race if he did not speed on pit road. Glad to see you back painting. Thanks
Posted By: Nascar2011  
I just noticed I forgot the NASCAR Racecar logo so I'll update the upload in a few
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