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2017 Christopher Bell #4 (Michigan)
TolsmaDesigns - 8/12/2017 - 951.5 kb - 67 User Downloads  
Posted By: TolsmaDesigns  
Credits: Template - Om3ga, Logos/Number - Google, Design - Me, Car File - Games123, Render - Me (ROBLOX)
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Posted By: TolsmaDesigns  
As in like the .car file, with the stats and all that. I notice that if you download two different Jimmie Johnson paint schemes, both have the same stats, meaning they having a similar origin.
Posted By: TruckSeries  
What do you mean who's car file they used?
Posted By: TolsmaDesigns  
I only used the .car file. I didn't use his paints what so ever. Most people don't even credit who's car file they use.
Posted By: TruckSeries  
Incorrect contingencies. No associates. B-Pillar is wrong. Since you used Games123's work, without his permission, that should've been easy.
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