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N2003 90'smod cts physics 34 Diet Pepsi Ford Todd Bodine 1992
Robo - 8/11/2017 - 1,404.6 kb - 899 User Downloads  
Posted By: Robo  
This is the car that Todd Bodine drove in his first cup start at Watkins Glenn. The car was leased from Junie Donleavy by Frank Cicci. I use to design cars for Frank and was told that story by him a long time ago. He had a pic of this car in his office. I am making this car into a model and made the decals and numbers for the model. I used them to make this car too. It is accurate other than some of the associate sponsors. Could not make out any of them with the one pic that is floating around. I do not remember who made the 90's T-bird template, CC#48 for contingencies. Google for logos, numbers by me, render scene from Stunod I think. I have the 90's stuff so long and haven't made much from it just about as long.
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User Comments:
Posted By: Nascar2011  
Some slight issues with logo size and the contigs but great job overall, don't have many people painting for this mod anymore so it's good to see new releases.
Posted By: CC#48  
I have looked at doing this many time,nice job.
Posted By: Oreius  
Really surprised it took all these years for someone to paint it. Great job!
Posted By: J.R.Franklin  
Really nice job. Thank you. Frank Cicci has strong roots in the Northeast racing scene, so as someone who is from that area, it's great to have this car to add to the 1992 set.
Posted By: 11rowsof3  
Love the Cup90 Mod, great work on this missing car!
Posted By: Jeff24Dupont  
This is awesome, keep up the Cup90!
Posted By: Bernd24  
... i love it, more please, thx !
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