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2017 DJ Kennington #96 Lordco (2017 MENCS Beta)
UserofNames - 8/8/2017 - 737.1 kb - 168 User Downloads  
Posted By: UserofNames  
DJ Kennington's car he ran in the Daytona 500, for the 2017 MENCup Beta mod. Hope you like it. Credits: Template by Splash n' Go. Number from BER, Logos from google images.
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: Nascar_Turn4  
Yeah, the driver is in the paint file so you can put logos and details on the firesuit. This is a nice paint btw
Posted By: hokiegrad  
Nice paint. It's got me wondering though....I haven't downloaded the MENCS Beta mod yet, but i would assume that the driver uniform that shows in the screen capture is mapped from the paint flat? So, I guess you have to paint the driver's suit or it shows right here in this car view now huh?
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