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Ty Dillon GEICO Military Chevrolet
Germain13 - 7/13/2017 - 2,086.8 kb - 159 User Downloads  
Posted By: Germain13  
Credits: Edited base is from SDG, logos are from Google, template is from Stunod, number is from BER, and contigs are from Alan Harkleroad.
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Posted By: RACERXKID  
Reference picture for Geckos camo: http://www.jayski.com/schemes/2016/cup/images/13geico-military-front.jpg even though is Mear's 2016 scheme.
Posted By: Germain13  
Oh god, you're right. I'll have to fix it tomorrow if I have time.
Posted By: JacobTB_14  
This looks great but there is one thing. If I am not mistaken, the camouflage was made up of Geico Geckos.
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