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2017 - #55 - Derrike Cope (Bristol 1)
Mike32799 - 5/19/2017 - 705.9 kb - 510 User Downloads  
Posted By: Mike32799  
This is the car Derrike Cope drove at Bristol. Credits: Base by me, contigs from Alan Harkleroad, numbers from BER, Template by Bill1947 on stunodracing.net, logos from google/premiummotorsports.net, NRatings
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: Mike32799  
Update: I noticed (as seen in the picture) i forgot to add the fender contigs, that has been fixed
Posted By: Mike32799  
@Eddy5155 it's ok and thanks for the feedback. Also don't sweat it, you'll get better before you know it
Posted By: Eddy5155  
i had finished this car yesturday but never uploaded,oh well but yours was much detailed than mine :/
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