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2010 DMR Nationwide Complete Carset
MattM72 - 5/17/2017 - 1.1 kb - 197 User Downloads  
Posted By: MattM72  
Complete carset for the Nationwide COT's 4 races during the 2010 season. This carset is the result of on-and-off work dating back to 2012. I've recreated every major paint scheme change and most of the minor ones that occurred over the course of the COT's 4 race run during the 2010 season (except the 26 Discount Tire car, Sgt Slaughter did that one). Included are 120 paint schemes, rosters for Daytona, Michigan, Richmond, and Charlotte, and an overall 2010 roster including all cars. Crews are from Mohammed Hossain, EPD (with permission), and myself. Ratings are not included. Numbers: Big Evil Racing, Sim Racing Design, Masgrafx (rip), myself, other sources. (Big thanks Big Evil Racing for doing me a huge favor in making a few numbers used in the set.) Logos: Google, RacinGrafx, other various sources Templates: Big Evil Racing, DMR, Sim Racing Design for 2010 parts Crews: Elite Paint Designs, Mohammed Hossain, myself, DMR Massive thanks to anyone not named here who contributed in some way, be it numbers, logos, reference images, etc. It's been years since this project was started, so I don't remember every person or site who has helped out. *Some of you may already have many of the cars from this, as I released an incomplete set on Reddit during summer 2016. Since then I have gone back and added about 30 cars to complete the season.*
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Posted By: MattM72  
The carset is for DMRNNS12st, which is currently available at StunodRacing.net. Sorry for not specifying that, thought I'd put it in the description. Here's a few in game screenshots. http://imgur.com/a/58Tuu
Posted By: Gchap  
What mod is this for? Thx.
Posted By: Thrasher124  
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