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#30 2005 Kevin Harvick Fictional COY
teamhtb - 3/19/2017 - 1,505.3 kb - 24 User Downloads  
Posted By: teamhtb  
Fictional 2005 Kevin Harvick Team Realtree / Goodwrench Service Chevy, The Reasoning Behind The Fact That He's Driving #30 Instead If #29 Is Because I Designed This Car For A Fictional Carset For If Dale Earnhardt Lived. So Harvick Didn't Come Into The Cup Series Until 2002. Forget Were The Template Is From , Base and Numbers from SDG,Logos From RacingGrafix,SRD, and Google. Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRZBUX4hfOX/
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Posted By: teamhtb  
Not all of the cars were made by me, some of them were downloaded off here and a couple other sites.
Posted By: MazdaRacer42  
You said that the car is from a fictional carset you made, so could you maybe post the whole carset cause I would like to see the whole set! Thanks!
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