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2017 #41 Mobil1 Ford BR15 Gen6
Blumust10ac - 1/9/2017 - 4,368.9 kb - 891 User Downloads  
Posted By: Blumust10ac  
Kurt Busch's Mobil1 car. Car file. Credits: Gen6 Mod - Bullring Gen6 Ford Templates - Big Evil Racing modified by JRFan8188 Fusion 3D Model - Bullring Logos - Google, me Contigs - Harkleroad & Fosterick Base Paint - Me Numbers - BER Render - Me (Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2016) Paint Program - Corel Paint Shop Pro 2012 Ultimate
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Posted By: Nascar_Turn4  
Yeah, they're going to have the Xfinity style Last Name on the back window, but we're not there yet with this mod. Looks great! Still getting used to SHR in Fords lol
Posted By: NascarRacingfan1  
The banner's do not have the names on them this year. They say Monster. FYI
Posted By: spartan1964  
Nice job Mike.
Posted By: alfiejay  
Yea No big deal, Its Not Daytona yet and a few things can change lol!! Appreciate your work as always!!
Posted By: Blumust10ac  
I agree about the numbers but I used the Haas side logo from 2016 Car. All will more than likely be different when 2017 starts and the actual car runs.
Posted By: alfiejay  
Great work, But just a thought, Side numbers & Haas Logo looks a little to big? No Big deal, Appreciate all your hard work on your cars for us to enjoy!
Posted By: Bernd24  
... nice work, thx !!!
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