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#44 Ben Rhodes 2017 fictional
Stormblast44 - 12/3/2016 - 607.4 kb - 289 User Downloads  
Posted By: Stormblast44  
Well I was reading on Jayski that Ben Rhodes said he had "offers" from cup, xfinity, and truck teams and hes going to decide soon, which got me thinking, what cup team needs to hire a driver based off sponsorship and not driving ability...oh yeah. Credits go to BER template, racingrafix contigs, BER number, racingrafix logos, google logos, and myself. Awesome render by Andy1 of SRD. Yes, i know its on the older template but i cant get the new fusion temp to work with psp7 and i cant afford to upgrade. I do this for fun and for myself i just try to share. Thanks guys have a good one.
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Posted By: Stormblast44  
I will check that out for sure, i knew it existed but i guess you got a good point. Ill look into it. Lol 24 year old with a young family, i live like a 70 year old im stuck in my ways lol.
Posted By: PeriPerry001  
I use GIMP to paint. It's free and a really good program. I suggest downloading it. Just Google "GIMP Portable," and go to the first site provided.
Posted By: Stormblast44  
unfortunately as stated in the description my paint program will not work with any of the 2016 fusion templates.
Posted By: haasinator13  
can you put it on a 2016 fusion?
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