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DMRNXS16 2017 Fictional #33 Menards Chevrolet
JRFan8188 - 11/24/2016 - 792.8 kb - 392 User Downloads  
Posted By: JRFan8188  
This is based off of Paul Menard's confirmed 2017 scheme. Since this year's Menard schemes were pretty much the same except for Matt Crafton's, this is what I expect the 33 car to look like. Credits: BER (Number), DMR (Template), Me (Base), Google Images (Logos), Alan Hackleroad (B-Pillars), CraigMartin from SDG (Render)

Screen Shot:
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Posted By: PerlerArtist  
Its pretty cool though I think the side numbers should of skewed the other way.
Posted By: rx4victory  
Nicely done
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