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2016 CoY Carset Part A
jrp61356 - 9/18/2016 - 7,126.5 kb - 1769 User Downloads  
Posted By: jrp61356  
Part one of seven of my 2016 carset. Includes the following Chevrolets - #1 McDonalds, #3 American Ethanol, #4 Ditech, #5 Quicken Loans, #7 Nikko, and #10 Nature's Bakery. CREDITS: Jayski (images), SDG (templates, bases, driver banners, renders), Lurn2Burn (templates, logos), Stunod (bases, logos), Alan Harkleroad (contingencies), Fosterick (B-pillar contigs), Burton Braves (logos), CCounts (logos), ChrisE (logos), Deadpool (logos), Google (logos), GTPlanet (logos), Justin Stelzer (logos), McKeever12 (logos), MLD (logos), Outlaw Gamerz (logos), Racin' Grafix (logos), Sousa (logos), SRD (logos), Stunod (logos), MasGrafx (logos, driver signatures, numbers), Abuchl (logos, driver signatures, numbers), Big Evil (numbers), WVUFan01 (numbers), and NRatings (ratings). Enjoy...
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User Comments:
Posted By: RAINBOW  
Awesome job as always jrp.Having rendered each car personally I know that this is another great coy carset that you have produced and the quality shines through.
Posted By: SpiderTre  
wow, this kinda came out of nowhere haha. glad to see you're doing 2016! they came out great
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