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CWS15 #24 McDonald's Chevrolet (Martinsville 2016)
JRFan8188 - 7/6/2016 - 967.5 kb - 635 User Downloads  
Posted By: JRFan8188  
Here's one of the hardest trucks I've ever tried to paint on this mod. Kyle Larson''s 2016 #24 McDonald''s Chevrolet that he ran at Martinsville. This was a request for my website here: http://jrfandesigns.weebly.com/ Credits: Number: Big Evil Racing Template: Bill''s Place/Team Om3ga Base: Me Logos: Google Images/PBR Render: SDG (Craig)

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Posted By: Reno62793  
Damn fine work! I wish I had the talent to make some of these cool bases out there!
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