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2016 Dale Earnhardt Jr. / Nationwide Batman
KFurtick - 1/28/2016 - 2,635.0 kb - 2579 User Downloads  
Posted By: KFurtick  
The #88 Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice paint scheme that Dale Earnhardt Jr. will run in 2016. Attention all EBAY RIPPERS this car has watermarked logos which doesn't show up well in the sim at all but shows increasing well on decal paper thanks to the 2048 format that you love so much! I'll be more than happy to point where they are to your potential clients! HINT* ONE SAYS 'THIS DECAL SUCKS THANKS FOR LETTING ME RIP YOU OFF' This is for the BR15 mod. Credits: Temp/BER Numbers/BER Logos/Google/By Me Base/By Me Scene/Modified Iceman Scene #You won't stop this community!
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User Comments:
Posted By: Wiz  
Great Job Brother!!
Posted By: 11rowsof3  
I need to come up with something I can copy/paste into your car comments. Something like " amazing detail, incredibly accurate, amazing work, etc". :) Thanks man, it's killer!!!
Posted By: Bernd24  
... good job again, thx !
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