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Scoring scripts (PERL), 2014 update
dooper - 12/17/2014 - 924.6 kb - 737 User Downloads  
Posted By: dooper  
A set of scoring scripts that can be used to calculate points with various rules (chase_2014, chase_2011, chase_2007, chase_2004, no_chase_2011 (Nationwide and CWT series), no_chase 1975-2010, team-based scoring, V8 Supercars, IZOD). I added a fictional scoring system - the driver with most wins will win the championship. ===================================== The scoring scripts work from Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (on Linux or Mac). You need Strawberry perl (http://strawberryperl.com) to run it from Windows command prompt. To calculate scores, you first need to save standings after each race using menu STANDINGS->EXPORT. Save the race results as R1.html, R2.html, R3.html and so on. 2014 Sprint Cup Series results are included for testing the scripts. ==================================== An alternative way to calculate scores under different scoring systems can be found on my webpage http://nr2k3.weebly.com/scoring.html ==================================== --dooper--

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Posted By: Cyriaan  
Very nice work. Any chance of this being on Github? I had started a points calculator made with Ruby on Rails some time ago but never finished it.
Posted By: nascarrocks881  
How did you make this?
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