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2001 Carset - Pack 8 (Gen6)
jrp61356 - 6/1/2014 - 2,692.2 kb - 1948 User Downloads  
Posted By: jrp61356  
The eighth group of cars in my 2001 carset. Includes the #01 Cingular Dodge (Leffler), #14 Conseco Pontiac (Hornaday), #31 Lowe's Chevrolet (Skinner), #44 Georgia-Pacific Dodge (Jones), and #7 NationsRent Ford (Mike Wallace). CREDITS: Jayski (images), Bullring/Rapacci (templates), Big Evil (templates, contingencies), NDG (bases, logos, renders), Alan Harkleroad (contingencies), Gonzo (B-pillar contigs), SRD (logos), Heywood (logos), DeadPool (logos), Google (logos), CC#48 (logos), Chris E (logos), MasGrafx (logos, numbers), WVUFan01 (logos, numbers), Abuchl (numbers), Ebene (numbers), NRatings (ratings), and Iceman (renders). Incidentally, if anyone happens to notice, some of the Cingular logos in the render of the #01 car are upside down. This has been corrected in the car file.
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User Comments:
Posted By: crazyboy335  
Leffler's number is way too low, but the rest is great.
Posted By: alfiejay  
Great job on cars!! but just a thought since these are fictional on gen6, and you do a great job trying to match up manufactures, but since Pontiac and dodge no longer run, I would like to see maybe a Pontiac on a chevy? just a thought really like the tide, thanks keep up the good work!!
Posted By: tenderman65  
Nice work, keep it up!
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