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AVG_FINISH formula for NRatings
dooper - 2/16/2014 - 1.8 kb - 660 User Downloads  
Posted By: dooper  
A custom formula for NRatings software. -------------------------------------------- Copy this file to directory C:/Program Files/NRatings/CustomFormulas/ -------------------------------------------- This formula eliminates the problem with low ratings of occasional CUP drivers in NNS series. With this formula occasional starters (CUP drivers in NNS) have the same chance to win as those drivers who run the full season. --- Works equally well with few races or with the entire season. I personally recalculate ratings for every race based on 1 to 3 last races on the same track. --- Average strength of AI rated with this formula should be more or less the same as AI rated with "MasGrafx Full Season 3.1" formulas.

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