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*** fictional WHATEVAIR Chevrolet SS ***
Checker_MC - 6/9/2013 - 3,254.6 kb - 2045 User Downloads  
Posted By: Checker_MC  
WhatevAir was the name of the airline featured in the Foo Fighter's 'Learn to fly' video. I thought it would be fun creating a Nascar out of this. In 2004. This is a remake of that car.

Italo temp, DERacing contigs, Rogue scene, some BOTW logos, some scratchmade stuff.

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User Comments:
Posted By: racing145  
you make the best fictionals. hope to see more
Posted By: NascarfanDE3DEJ8  
I love this car. is there anyway you could make more #69s with different Sponsors?
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