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Aussie - 9/1/2012 - 893.4 kb - 742 User Downloads  
Posted By: Aussie  
Thanks to ss.net,Smiffsden,Thrasher24,Ryan78,spartan1964,SRD,Maxgrfx,Deadpool,Muddslide,LTB,RenaultFan,Ryan78,EPD,RacinGrafix.and anyone I missed. These PitCrews can be used with all Mods.Here is the link to all Pitcrews. http://www.box.net/shared/jyjslp9pk0 If anyone wants to link them,feel free to do so.
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Posted By: Tallywacker  
Gonna go ahead and ask a question, but how did you exactly become a "crew member" on here? Just because you paint pit crews once every few weeks? Just odd to me, because anyone can put logos on a pit crew, but you must be the best of the best to be on the "crew".
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