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#7 Gravedigger/Monster bullring
Tlmac55 - 9/19/2010 - 434.7 kb - 1205 User Downloads  
Posted By: Tlmac55  
JUST TO LET EVERYONE KNO THIS BASE WAS MADE BY DANGERMOUSE OVER AT SRD!! Haven't posted in a while so i figured I'll post this wonderful creation that we made! This will be the first of many posts coming from me! Credits: google, dangermouse, masgrafx, rpd, and deadpool

Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: jacobc62  
where's the hot wheels logo?
Posted By: Lurn2Burn  
Very nice. Looks like the real thing.
Posted By: Tlmac55  
o btw the honda logo on the b pillar i sbecause i drive lurn2burn's honda accord in the game. Just forgot to take the logo off. I switched over to chevy because i knew everyone would prefer that over a honda lol
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