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2010 Cup90 Cars **4 Carset**
cheesemaster901 - 11/13/2009 - 1,815.6 kb - 1276 User Downloads  
Posted By: cheesemaster901  
part 2 in the 2010 Cup90 carset, with help from Hokiegrad, we thought it would be better to upload them induvidually here too, cos lets face it my site isnt really popular at the moment so people might not know about the cars, we may need some help with this since hokiegrad may be unable to paint for a while, so if you want to help **PM ME FIRST BEFORE PAINTING ANYTHING, ILL TELL YOU HOW WE ARE RUNNING THINGS WITH THE CARSET** so people who helped last time like trixareforkidds it would be a great help thanks, anyway, this little set, it has #19,#39,#9 and #5 Creds: bases by me, logos from google, deadpool and masgrafx, numbers from masgrafx and SRD, templates from Rioux, render by ten0r
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Posted By: kaseyfan9  
Posted By: phantomracer  
Well, first to download these too. Really great wotk on these. Thanks!!
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